Headline Happy Hour Watch


HAPPYHOUR is a design study for a novel Graphical Wrist Watch with 5-minutes accuracy with the idea to redefine the time with the help of 6×5 three-colored LEDs.

The watch design of the handless and numberless timepiece (Graphical Wrist Watch) respectively the connection of a watch strap and a wrist watch is just one way of showing the principle HAPPYHOUR in the lifestyle and fashion industry.

The HAPPYHOUR may also be
phone, radio, mp3-player, personal organizer or pulse sensor.
or can simply mean:
a handles and numberless timepiece


A single illuminated color-LED (yellow, green or red) within a 6×5 Dot-Matrix shows the time with 5 minutes accuracy.

An additional illuminated symbol indicates

the day-time or night-time interval if required.

You have questions about the HAPPYHOUR WATCH
Contact us: info@happyhour.watch